"Active services on the labour market"

"Active services on the labour market" is a differentiated part of the "Social Investments and Employment Stimulation" Programme financed by the Bulgarian Government with loan from the World Bank. This programme is orientated to the poverty and unemployment, concentrated mainly among the poor and deprived, unemployed people. The main goal of the programme is to help unemployed people to broaden their human capital and to get a job or start their own business.
In December 2005 "Business Center/Business Incubator" Nova Zagora signed a contract for providing of qualification courses in "Plastering and troweling" and "Tailor" to unemployed people from Nova Zagora and Tvarditza.The training in "Plastering and troweling" is designated for unemployed people with minority origin.

"Youth Labour Market-Alternatives"
In May 2005 "Business Centrer/Business Incubator" Nova Zagora won the
"Youth Labour Market-Alternatives" Project within the Special Projects Fund of the JOBS Project.
The goal of the project is to assist unemployed people to get a job. We support young unemployed people to find a job by increasing their motivation and activity. This project seeks to ensure the access of unemployed people to labour resources and the available job positions. Now many young people are interested in our project and get a registration in our database.
Three motivation trainings will start in February. The lecturers are a psychologist, a specialist in professional orientation and jurist. The training will give professional help to unemployed people and support their activity in the labour market.

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